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I guess I’m in a phase of making projects with stars. Here is how I used some pretty adhesive fabrics to get this cute look.

This is a good idea for reusing old (but still good) clothes from my son. I just need to give them a girly look.

For those interested, just such for “Frou-Frou Tissu thermocollant”.


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“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ” Norman Vincent Peale







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Sling shot is very cool and easy to do.

All that we need is to find a stick in the right format, and I can say that this is the best part of it. My boy loved walking in the woods to find the sticks. We came home with huge sticks too, just waiting for mommy to have a little time to make a very big sling shot for him.

So I’ve found a colourful tape. Got some elastic and I sew it with a peace of cloth. That’s it! :)


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This is what we did one week before my little baby girl was born. :)

I can’t believe that I did it with my huge belly, though…

So I had a big cardboard from Ikea, blue wallpaper that I used as a prop in my studio, glue, tape, a pair of scissors and more colorful paper!


My boy uses it as a ‘changing room’ some times… :)


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23rd of July started for me at 2am with a contraction that waked me up suddenly. It took about half an hour to realise they weren’t (that time) false labor and at 5am she was born in Paris. It was a warm night of full moon, only 7 days before our son’s 5th birthday. We couldn’t be happier!




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