To help my sanity and to do something for myself, I’ve captured moments of each day (oh, well, most of the days). Mammy has then a ‘project’ while getting the kiddos busy.

Monday 20th, we went to Le Pre Catalan, inside the Bois de Boulogne. As an opportunity to show the region to the babysitter, we had also a pleasure afternoon in a beautiful place.

Bois-de-Boulogne_first-day-school-break_01-copy Bois-de-Boulogne_first-day-school-break_02-copy Bois-de-Boulogne_first-day-school-break_03-copy Bois-de-Boulogne_first-day-school-break_04-copy Bois-de-Boulogne_first-day-school-break_05-copy Bois-de-Boulogne_first-day-school-break_06-copy
Tuesday 21th, the day started with arts. We made some Flexitrangles. Inspired by So cool!

Flextrangle01 Flextrangle02 Flextrangle03 Flextrangle04 Flextrangle05 Flextrangle06

Wednesday 22th, was a day for friends, kids, scooters, balls, laughs and cries, fruits and sandwiches. A picnic! Where? Champ-de-Mars…. Soooooo chic! :)

2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_01-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_05-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_08-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_03-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_02-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_09-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_10-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_12-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_13-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_15-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_14-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_11-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_07-copy 2015-04-Champs-de-Mars_06-copyTheo_trocadero_01-copy

Thursday 23rd. We spent 5 hours in a park only for us. Pascalito and Elena were there too. Sun, water, sand, fruits, hide and seek, stinging nettes… and flowers.

2015 04 Parquinho no Bois_01 2015-04-Parquinho-no-Bois_02-copy 2015-04-Parquinho-no-Bois_03-copy 2015 04 Parquinho no Bois_04 2015 04 Parquinho no Bois_05 2015-04-Parquinho-no-Bois_06-copy
Friday 24th,  was a colder day. Some experiences and crafts in the morning, friends visiting and the basic playground close to us. Pic-a-boo, hide and seek, dandelion blow, tricycle…

2015-04-experiencias_01 2015-04-experiencias_02 2015-04-experiencias_03 2015-04-experiencias_04 2015-04-experiencias_05 2015-04-experiencias_06visitas2015-04-no-parquinho_01-copy 2015-04-no-parquinho_02-copy 2015-04-no-parquinho_03-copy 2015-04-no-parquinho_04-copy 2015-04-no-parquinho_05-copy

Sunday 26th,  Daddy has some work to do abroad and there we go with him. Eurotunnel, drive, naps, Save the Queen!

Cambridge_02-copy Cambridge_03-copy Cambridge_04-copy Cambridge_05-copy Cambridge_06-copy Cambridge_07-copy Cambridge_08-copy

Monday 27th,  we were looking for playgrounds. Plays, baby duckies, flowers, Nando’s and colleges.

Cambridge_12-copy Cambridge_13-copy Cambridge_11-copy Cambridge_09-copy Cambridge_10-copyCambridge_14-copy Cambridge_15-copy Cambridge_16-copy Cambridge_17-copyCambridge_18-copyCambridge_19-copyCambridge_21-copyCambridge_20-copy
Tuesday 28th,  Mammy forgot to take her camera with her when we went outside…. ops. Hotel room, doudou, peek a boo.

Cambridge_23-copy Cambridge_24-copy Cambridge_25-copy Cambridge_26-copy Cambridge_27-copy Cambridge_28-copy Cambridge_29-copy
Wednesday 29th,  we came back to the favorite playground. Swing, swing and swing…

Cambridge_30-copy Cambridge_31-copy