If you are here you are might considering to hire me as your photographer. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for visiting my work, dear world! Please, feel yourself at home!

Hi, there! I’m Andrea Janes, designer, married and a mother of the purest soul that is my boy and a so loved and creative girl. I’m a designer by training who worked in São Paulo as an art director and then as a Graphic/Web Designer in Birmingham, Frankfurt and in Vienna.

But let’s start from the beginning: Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to do something related to art and creativity. As a little girl, I used to draw cartoons I was watching on T.V. and my sister and I used to make our own paper dolls and their stylish dresses. Later on, I ended up studying industrial design in São Paulo-Brazil. I had my own company, designing a whole lot of CD covers for a well renomated Record Label. I worded as an art director then for my biggest client, where I had lots of fun! A crazy world of promotional agencies with endless projects for big companies. (have I mentioned the cool parties? lol)

Then came a real invitation, this one from my then-boyfriend. “Let’s move abroad!”, he said. Well, we ended up in England first, then Frankfurt, after to Vienna, where our son was born, Paris, where our daughter was born, then Cambridge and now in Utrecht. With the years passing by, I had to slow down my design workload, but focused by learning, or let’s say, relearning the art of photography and post processing. (have I told you that my first Photo Class was in 1991 in the University? – dear me, I feel old.)

When in the University, I felt really comfortable in the Photography Classes and loved the dark room and all the development process of a picture. Years passed and photography became a hobby that I could sometimes use in my design projects.

But it was when I hired a photographer to take my pregnancy pictures that fell in love with portraits. My photos was simple, natural, bright, made in my own flat, just like a picture-perfect that made me feel like in a lifestyle magazine.

I had my camera with me all day! I participated in workshops, classes and projects. I was invited by Getty Images (the biggest bank stock photos) to be a collaborator. It was in Paris that people started asking me to take their Family/Children/Newborn pictures. I can’t really tell how smooth this all started. When my daughter was born I was already in full speed with my work and investing in props and acknowledgment, as aways.

I have to confess that at the beginning I was so lost. Why oh why I was complicating everything? I was buying props and baskets as if that made sense but I totally forgot the reason why I liked so much my own maternity Session and all that simplicity. Don’t take me wrong because I can really appreciate Fine Art photography and I’m amazed to see some blowing minded photos around me. But just like my confusion on the beginning, it’s important to say that there are many styles out there, and you do need to pay attention and choose which one moves your heart, when contacting your personal photographer.

I tend to think that I navigate between Lifestyle Photography and a little bit of Documentary as well. I love natural light and spontaneity. I love trying new techniques when photographing my own children and when succeeded I bring it to my client sessions. I love the art of post processing too and can spend hours learning and trying new ways of editing a photo.

While I guide you through the best light, spots and give you ideas on what to wear and do, I capture events as they are unfolding and that brings your soul into it. There won’t be any Photo Session like any other just because you and your family are unique. This is my white canvas starting to pop in colours and personality and it can make me quite emotional to be able to give you and your family photos to be treasured for generations.

The session fee includes a pre-session consultation and tips on what to wear and location. Feel free to tell me all your ideas!