Hi, there! I’m Andrea Janes, a mother of a cheeky little boy, a smily baby girl and married to a wonderful and supportive man.
I’m a designer by training who discovered that photography is simply the most beautiful way to see the world.
Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to do something related to art and creativity. As a little girl, I used to draw cartoons I was watching on T.V. and My sister and I used to make our own paper dolls and their stylish dresses.
.After three 
Later on, I ended up studying industrial design in São Paulo-Brazil and after a while I had my own company. I went through a nerdy phase designing a whole lot of comic book covers, CD covers and lots of other things related to design in general, from web to graphic. After seven years, I got an invitation to work for my biggest client as an art director and there, I had fun. A crazy world of promotional agencies with endless projects for big companies, competitive work that kept me in the office night and day, weekdays and weekends. Then came another invitation, this one from my then-boyfriend. “Let’s move abroad!”, he said.  Well, we ended up in England where I worked for a design company based in Birmingham. We then moved to Frankfurt after two years (ja, ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch) and I worked freelance, opening another company. It was a wonderful period of my life – I was able to get great clients and I got also pregnant!
My son was born in Vienna (such a great city for small families). I carried on working with some of my German clients but I had to slow down my workload.
After three years we moved to Paris. Uh-la-la. It was when an old hobby became a profession. Photography! It was only there that I took the plunge and decided to plunge into this wonderful new world – doing workshops, studying photo processing, technics and investing in equipments that showcase my style. The acceptance and encouragement from people around me and from other professionals make me feel that I am on the right path. I am also happy to share with you that I am a Getty Images contributor, the largest and most prestigious stock photos of the world.
My inspiration began with my son! He is my guide and my teacher and I am his student. I keep learning with my adorable kiddos.
I am now based in Utrecht, Netherlands, where I keep doing what I love.
Talking about style, I love natural light photography! I need to thank many photographers who gave me the inspiration to this delightful new (or old) way of photography. Natural light photography is so interesting. No fan blowing hair but wind, no flashes but flare, no pose but authenticity.
To end this short introduction, thanks for visiting my work, dear world! Please, feel yourself at home!

Please contact me for current pricing. We work together to find a package that meets your needs. 

The session fee includes a pre-session consultation, the photographer’s time and talent to capture around 30 final images, and a DVD with the photos in High Resolution for printing and in Low Resolution for web. Small sessions are also possible.


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  1. Photography by Gisele Morgan

    Hey Andrea, I didn’t know you were here too! Really enjoyed reading your introduction and getting to know a little bit more about you. Your photos are looking very professional and beautiful! Love the baby ones ♥


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