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This project could be a perfection from the start to the end, but it’s not. I’d say that if I was going to sew these butterfly wings again, I’d do it a bit different but somehow it came up cute and someone here is having lots of fun.

First I used some pieces of fabrics that I brought from Brazil. The idea of making wings was there, stored in a folder in the bottom of a drawer somewhere called Pinterest. I saw different styles and could figure out how to make it. Well, more or less.


First I drew half of a wing on a large paper (wrap paper works wonderfully) . I cut the cloths and sewed the middle part of each one together.

Buttefly Wings_01

I pinned the fabric facing each other together and sewed almost all the way, leaving only the bottom part opened, so then I could turn and fill it with the batting (foam for padding).

Buttefly Wings_02Buttefly Wings_03

This is how it looks after turning.
Then I ironed the wings. (This step is necessary, believe me.)

Buttefly Wings_04

I had some wire at home, and this is the part that I would have done differently, buying a thicker one. The wire makes the wings to hold up.

Then I calculated and bent the wire until it was more or less in the required position and format. I bent also the ends (see picture) so it would not stick the fabric later.

Buttefly Wings_05Buttefly Wings_06

I cut the wadding that I had at home the same size as my previews drawings, using it doubled to be ticker. I placed them inside the wings.

Buttefly Wings_07Buttefly Wings_08

I sewed again around all the edges, one centimeter to inside for the wire to pass around.

I drew in a piece of A4 paper some forms. Sewing those forms gives nice details to the wings, at the same time making the batting to be in place. You might require a bit of familiarity with free motion quilting, but as I don’t have it, I sewed very, very slowly. Haha

Buttefly Wings_09

The last step now is to sew the elastics. In this case I covered them with fabric but a simple elastic will be fine and cute too. I had to try it many times while sewing to get it right and don’t get so tight or so loose on my daughter’s shoulders.

Buttefly Wings_10

The fine wire made these wings very soft, and I even see a charm in it, but maybe it’s wiser to put a thicker one if you don’t want to be smoothing out the wire after every play.

The size of the wings depends a lot on the size of the child. The nice thing about this project is that you can play with size, format, types of fabrics and padding, thickness of wire… and it will give a totally different look to the wings. Enjoy it. :)


For those who wonder, the crochet doll was made by my mom. We loved so much this “doll experiment”,  that we asked to bring it all the way from Brazil to here. So it stays like this; bald, no eyes, no mouth or clothing. :)


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When your almost 4 years old daughter can’t still start Kindergarten, mom has to be creative somehow. With some pieces of old cartoon boxes, some paint and fabric, we created puppets. It turns out being the toys I love the most. :)


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We’ve been to this miniature park, Madurodam. The 1:25 scale replicas of famous Dutch landmarks are wonderful and it’s quite impressive to think that the park is already 65 years old. It was restored in 2011 to celebrate its 60th birthday.

Madurodam was named after George Maduro, a jewish law student from Curaçao who fought the Nazi occupation forces. He died in 1945 at Dachau concentration camp.

Estivemos no parque Madurodam, onde há réplicas de vários monumentos holandeses na escala de 1:25. O parque foi renovado em 2011 para celebrar seu 60 anos.

O nome Madurodam vem em homenagem a George Maduro, um estudante de direito judeu de Curaçao que lutou contra os nazistas pela Holanda e morreu em 1945 no campo de concentração de Dachau.


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When you think about a park with more than 7 million tulips, (more than 800 varieties of it) and other varieties of gerberas, daffodils and roses, this is the place. It’s only open seven weeks a year. It’s beautiful, it’s colourful.

Quando você pensa num parque com mais de 7 milhões de tulipas, (mais de 800 espécies) e ainda outras variedades como gérberas, narcisos e rosas, este é o lugar. Aberto somente 7 semanas no ano, o parque é lindo e colorido.


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Neste domingo fomos para um “colha seu próprio produto da fazenda”. Ja havíamos ouvido falar de fazendas como esta ao redor de Paris onde produtores abrem suas portas para a colheita em uma determinada temporada, mas foi uma amiga que deu a dica desta fazenda específica, La Ferme de Viltain. Se trata de um grupo de fazendas com o nome de “Chapeau de Paille” (Chapéu de Palha). Esta fazenda específica que fomos não é orgânica.

Chegando lá, não precisa falar francês tão bem para perceber o que tem que ser feito. Logo na entrada podemos pegar tesouras, um carrinho de mão e um punhado de sacos plásticos ou uma cesta de papel para as frutas. Muitos já levam sacolas de casa. Alguns locais são cercados por uma fita branca que diz para não colher nada naquele local. Isso faz com que haja rotatividade e que a produção continue fluindo por todo o verão.


Não fui preparada para fazer uma sessão de fotos com a minha família (podem notar o McLaren e a sacola de fraldas que meu marido está carregando), mas deu para documentar o nosso dia que foi para lá de legal!


Colhemos primeiro vagens, depois passamos pelas abobrinhas, cenouras, morangos, alfaces, tomates e maças. Tem flores para colher também! Na saída pesamos nossas sacolas e pagamos. Com tudo o que pegamos e mais uma garrafa de suco de maças pagamos 10,45 Euros!!! Definitivamente um lugar bem bacana para passar uma tarde com as crianças. Elas aprendem, tem contato com a natureza, se divertem e no final rende até uma bela sopa de legumes para o jantar sem que haja nenhuma reclamação! :)












Last Sunday we went to a “pick-it-yourself farm”. We’ve already had heard of farms like this around Paris where producers open their doors for the harvest in a specific season, but it was a friend who told about this particular farm, La Ferme de Viltain. It is a group of farms with the name “Chapeau de Paille” (Straw Hat). This particular farm that we were was not a organic one.

Once there, we don’t really need to speak French so well to realize what has to be done. At the entrance we can grab scissors, a wheelbarrow and a handful of plastic bags or paper basket for fruit. Many people bring some bags from home. Some areas are surrounded by a white plastic tape that says to don’t pick anything from there.

I wasn’t prepared to do any photo session with my family ( you can notice the McLaren and the diaper bag that my husband is carrying), but I was able to document our day that was beyond cool!

We passed on green beans,  zucchini, carrots, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes and apples. There were flowers too! By the checkout, our takings were weighted and we payed, with a big bottle of apple juice, just 10,45 Euros. Definitely a very nice place to spend an afternoon with the kids. They learn, have contact with the nature, have fun and at the end we can have a nice vegetable soup for dinner without any complaints! :)

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