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One day were driving home and decided to stop at the store to buy Brazilian beans and we find pastry for Pastel.

This pastry is not exactly like those found in Brazilian’s markets and strangely comes frozen from Germany, but we decided to try.

It is possible to make this dough at home but I have never tried. I’ve found some recipes on the internet that I put below for those who want to give a try.

Once the dough is defrosted, cut pieces of tomatoes, cheese, oregano and ham (see the photo). Fry in hot oil. It is super fast! Perhaps not the most healthy recipe in the world but it is delicious!

For the filling, you can put whatever you want. The Brazilians usually eat with minced meat (mix the meat with the onions, leeks, garlic, coriander. Cook it stirring occasionally), with palm hearts and cheese, with shredded chicken and olives or even sweet, with Brigadeiro or Nutella and banana.

Pastry Ingredients:

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 tablespoon of cachaça (or vodka)

1 tablespoon margarine

1/3 cup warm water with 2 pinches of salt

½ teaspoon baking powder

1 egg


Sift the flour with baking powder.

In a large bowl, mix in the sifted flour, margarine, cachaca and egg.

Mix well while adding the warm water until you get a dough.  (Or you can prepare the dough in a electric mixer).

Move the dough to a flat surface and knead it for 15 minutes.

Use a pin to flat the dough. Take half of the dough each time and flatten it with the pin. Fold the dough couple times and flatten it again until you get a thin elastic stripe about 6 inches wide.

Lay the stripes down in a floured surface.

Place full teaspoons of your favorite filling evenly distributed on the dough.

Fold it. Pinch with a fork the seam to make sure it is closed.

Deep-fry the Pastel until golden brown.

Pat dry in a paper towel and serve.


Spinach and bacon pie

One day I was at a friend’s house and taking a look at a magazine recipe, I saw one that looked simple and delicious. So I’ll tell you what I did of what I remembered, so this recipe doesn’t contains amounts of the things but still you can figure out, like I did, how much to use of each ingredient.

1- I bought 2 Herta Puff Pastry (French made ​​ready-rolled puff pastry – Pate en Or Feuilletée) and opened one of them at the base of my pan.

2- Then I fried some chopped bacon and onion until lightly cooked. After frying it I put it into another container.

3- With the same sauce left from the fried bacon, with the same pan I cooked the chopped spinach for some minutes. I used 600 gr (just saw a picture I have) :)

4- So, on top of the pastry you put in layers first all the bacon and onion, then all the spinach. After that, I remember that the recipe said to put something about 6 eggs on the top of everything. I didn’t have it all at home so I put only 3 eggs. (one broke as you can see in the picture: P)

5- Cover with the other Puff Pastry. I decorated as you can see with the cut pieces left.

6- I brushed the top with a beaten egg.

7- Put it into the oven until it has turned a nice toasted golden color

That’s it! Easy and Yummy!