Spinach and bacon pie

One day I was at a friend’s house and taking a look at a magazine recipe, I saw one that looked simple and delicious. So I’ll tell you what I did of what I remembered, so this recipe doesn’t contains amounts of the things but still you can figure out, like I did, how much to use of each ingredient.

1- I bought 2 Herta Puff Pastry (French made ​​ready-rolled puff pastry – Pate en Or Feuilletée) and opened one of them at the base of my pan.

2- Then I fried some chopped bacon and onion until lightly cooked. After frying it I put it into another container.

3- With the same sauce left from the fried bacon, with the same pan I cooked the chopped spinach for some minutes. I used 600 gr (just saw a picture I have) :)

4- So, on top of the pastry you put in layers first all the bacon and onion, then all the spinach. After that, I remember that the recipe said to put something about 6 eggs on the top of everything. I didn’t have it all at home so I put only 3 eggs. (one broke as you can see in the picture: P)

5- Cover with the other Puff Pastry. I decorated as you can see with the cut pieces left.

6- I brushed the top with a beaten egg.

7- Put it into the oven until it has turned a nice toasted golden color

That’s it! Easy and Yummy!