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Today we decided to go to The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. I was snapping the kids during the walk to the museum and Theo was also taking pictures of everything, including himself, what made us laugh many times. He left home prepared for the museum, with his camera, his sunglasses and his compass. I can’t stop laughing.


Lorena was there, being, well… Lorena.


Then we went to see the Choir at the Kings College’s Chapel. A woman approached and asked us if Lorena would be quiet for one hour. In this case it would be better to stay far from the mass so we sat on a place with easy access to leave the place at any time if necessary. The Choir was indeed amazing, although we left before everything was finished. It wasn’t allowed to take pictures from the chapel, but the outside is already breathtaking.


On the way home, we visit the Great St Mary’s to climb the tower and then see Cambridge from above. Nice view, good exercise!


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We’ve been to a Pumpkin Patch in Suffolk, so the kids could choose a pumpkin for decoration and I could take some pictures. There were pumpkins of many types, Squashes for Soup and Pumpkin Pies. They costed from 50p to 8 Pounds, depending on size. :)


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