“Get outdoors. Jumping in puddles, kicking up leaves, and listening to birds singing from the tops of trees.”

Around 37 min from Cambridge, the RSPB The Lodge is a nature reserve. RSPB  means The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and is a charitable organisation registered in England, Wales and in Scotland.

Once we got there, Theo was given a paper for identifying birds, mushrooms and plants, we rented two binoculars, meet our friends and started our walking through the reserve.

This is a great way to spend a beautiful day out and make the kids to connect and to respect nature.

the-lodge-rspb_01-copy the-lodge-rspb_02-copythe-lodge-rspb_04-copy the-lodge-rspb_05-copy the-lodge-rspb_06-copy
Theo took his camera and was following the path of his mother. I don’t know who was the one who clicked more. :)

the-lodge-rspb_07-copy the-lodge-rspb_08-copy the-lodge-rspb_09-copy the-lodge-rspb_10-copy the-lodge-rspb_11-copy the-lodge-rspb_12-copy the-lodge-rspb_13-copy the-lodge-rspb_14-copy the-lodge-rspb_15-copy the-lodge-rspb_16-copy the-lodge-rspb_17-copy the-lodge-rspb_18-copy the-lodge-rspb_19-copy the-lodge-rspb_20-copy the-lodge-rspb_21-copy the-lodge-rspb_22-copy the-lodge-rspb_23-copy the-lodge-rspb_24-copy the-lodge-rspb_25-copy the-lodge-rspb_26-copy the-lodge-rspb_27-copy the-lodge-rspb_28-copy the-lodge-rspb_29-copy the-lodge-rspb_30-copy the-lodge-rspb_31-copy the-lodge-rspb_32-copy the-lodge-rspb_33-copy the-lodge-rspb_34-copy the-lodge-rspb_35-copy the-lodge-rspb_36-copy the-lodge-rspb_37-copy