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After a good week at school, my son started having runny nose last Saturday. I tough of keeping him home on Monday but it doesn’t look better, so he’s been with me now for two days and will be probably tomorrow at home as well. What to do to spend the days at home and still have the feeling that something productive was done? I thought… Stencil! Why not, I have a book that tells the technic and I have some Freezer-paper and Fabric paint at home.

I will tell you how this one was made:

You need:

– Two sheets of freezer paper. (unfortunately it’s not easy to find it in Paris, but I ordered it online some months ago)

– Fabric paint. (I had a bit of brown)

– X-acto knife. (Theo wasn’t allowed to touch it)

– A self-healing mat.

– An image. I got this simple this one in the internet)

– Pen

– Iron (only parents)

– Fabric. (I got an old T-shirt as we are doing it for the first time)


1- Place the Freezer-paper over the image  and trace it with a pen (shine side down)

2- Cut the Stencil with the knife over the mat.

3- Set up the stencil shine side down on the T-shirt. Place the other Freezer-paper under the fabric, shine side up. (between the back and front)

4- Iron for 20 seconds the Freezer-paper and it will stick a bit on the fabric.

4- Apply the paint with a paintbrush or stencil brushes of the cutout area of the stencil.

5- Don’t remove the Stencil or move the fabric for 12 hours. (I explained to my son the need of it to be still for over night and he didn’t do anything. I’m proud!)

6- Next day remove the stencil and wash the fabric by it self with cold water. Next time I was told we can wash with other clothes…

Now, I will really take it seriously and we can get some new wardrobe soon! Nice!

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