“We can do no great things; only small things with great love” Unknown

This was a session with my own baby, 8 days after her birth. :)

23rd of July started at 2am with a contraction that waked me up suddenly. It took about half an hour to realise they weren’t (that time) false labor and at 5am she was born in Paris. It was a warm night of full moon, only 7 days before our son’s 5th birthday. We couldn’t be happier!




Delighted is how I felt photographing this little angel and it’s still how I feel looking at the pics. I’m so glad for eternizing those moments for such a special family. Cute Mr. R. was only 7 days old.




Mr. B, was almost two months old when I took this picture. Full of cuteness! Don’t you feel like hugging him? :)

2 Responses to “Oh boy, oh girl…”

  1. Alina (Viena)

    I got goose Skin looking at these beautiful Babys. Great photos! And your little one it’s a small miniature of your husband. She will be blond with rose Skin and bright eyes, just wait and see :-) this is what I think looking at her angelic, perfect face! Just wonderful!!! Can’t wait to see my little Musketeer, I’m soooo curious and excited and…… :-)


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